Saturday, May 9, 2009

Early Mother's Day

On Tuesday, I got a mother's day card from Ethan. Which was suprising, I had no idea he had any clue about the postal system! Actually, last weekend my dad took him to pick out his first bike, and apparently they made a stop to pick a singing card for me. The card itself? Really anoying. But the gesture was so cute. And Ethan kept a complete secret! Today was a different story.

I had to head to campus to turn in my photography assignment, so Ethan stayed with my cousin, Heidi and my Aunt Sandra. But as soon as I got home Ethan brought me a frame that he painted for me that says "I Mom." He painted it green (his favorite color) and pink. There was also a card that he made with a photo of him in it.

Mother's day is so fun now that Ethan knows what it's about. He really gets into making special projects for people- he has such a sweet spirit and loves to make people happy. That warms my heart more than anything.

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