Thursday, May 28, 2009

Adventures with Ethan

Yesterday I was asking Ethan what he wanted to do on the one week off that I have between quarters at school...

Me: Ethan what should we do when Mom's done with school for a week?

Ethan: Ummmmm. Go on an adventure!

Me: Ok, what kind of adventure??

Ethan, after thinking for a second: A BEAR hunt!!

Me: A bear hunt??!?? (What the??)

Ethan: No! A deer hunt!

Me: Welllll....what are we going to do with the deer when we find it??

Ethan: EAT it!! (duh mom)

Me: But I don't know how to cook a deer.

Ethan: Dat's ok, first you talk to the giant and see if you can borrow his pan so the deer will fit into it. (obviously).

Me: How about we go to a big zoo up in Seattle and maybe an aquarium too?

Ethan: Ok! That sounds fun!!

Thank goodness. Now I don't have to hunt down a giant and borrow any of his kitchen gear.

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