Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Update, by the numbers

I don't know where the time has gone. It's already mid-June, and I don't know how that happened...oh wait...yes I do...

1. This week is finals week. I am going into my anatomy and physiology final with an A. Let's hope I come OUT of my final with the same.

2. Ethan and I went to the zoo last week. It was fun.

3. Today I signed up for job number 4. Well, in employment terms, it's only my second job...but throw in student and mom...I got the job with the VA hospital and it's a veteran's work study job, so it'll be VERY flexible.

4. I'm throwing my cousin, Heidi, a bridal shower. That shindig is going down in a couple of weeks.

5. I'm also putting together her bachelorette party. We're having a Pure Romance party. Should be HILARIOUS!!

Ok, so that actually doesn't look like much "on paper" but seriously we've been busy. I really wish we were busy with interesting things worthy of writing about....but we just don't roll that way.

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